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A Chinese family and a group of young climbers from Austria and Italy

discover the mummified remains of two soldiers as they ascend to a hut

from the First World War.They find out that the two dead died at one

Battle 1917 on the glacier.

As two of the group steal weapons, handcuffs and a diary of the dead

Soldiers they unleash the ghosts. The holidaymakers together with the landlords are suddenly confronted with a whole army of soldiers from the past and have to fight for their own survival.

After the first dead are to be complained, they find that in that diary exactly the same experiences are written down, they themselves must live through.

So the story of those dead soldiers who are still thousands upon thousands is repeated for them in the glacier ice that lies beneath them.

An avalanche ensures that the hut is razed to the ground and the survivors have to flee to the basement of the hut. That’s how they come from legend of the dead but also closer to that war than they ever wanted.

You must ultimately fight the war against each other, to the mystery of one cursing to get on the track.