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In preparation
Directed by  JULIAN SHARP
Screenplay  JULIAN SHARP


Like in the dance the various levels of music, movement, equipment and light flow together into an overall experience. It also complements the stories of the film to a special network that captures the mood of a special ensemble – the Vienna State Ballet and its pieces.


The central element of the film are the various stage productions that we have to accompany from the beginning of the rehearsal to the premiere. The audience is almost  a part of the choreography and experiences the process from the approaches to the finished piece, as a comprehensive insight into the ballet operation. Especially at the beginning of a new piece, it takes a great deal of discipline to overcome the fear of failure and to find the role. The viewers are not only observers, but directly in the action and see sequences, movements and steps that otherwise remain hidden. We experience how the dancers are rewarded for their staying power with incredible freedom – effort and passion merge into the feeling of life. The dance sequences are supplemented by parts of the choreographies specially danced for us in the studio. Here, in a separate concentrated style the emergence of dance sequences is shown in detail.


The second main story of the film is dedicated to the soloists of the ensemble. We experience the dancers in their daily work and observe how the different personalities approach their task. Each member of the ballet has their personal approach, their own dreams and experiences the process of dancing in their own way. We experience the euphoria and difficulties in different stages of the rehearsal process, accompany the solo dancer and the prima ballerina through the everyday life at the theater and in the end we see the shared experience on stage. This allows viewers to get an idea of ​​what it means to lead a life as a dancer, constantly between the great fantasy, the desire for performance and a total exhaustion commuting back and forth. As a charming side story we accompany an “Elevin” on her way. Your search expressing one’s own language is to the established ones dancers. She has to overcome doubts and keeps on working, often without knowing if the fascination of dance succumbs and seeks of its own expression. That makes her strong from the protected area into the world of the stage that goes her way as a dancer.


The most important location of the film is the Vienna State Opera. The traditional house on the Ring is not just famous for its internationally opera productions but has also been groundbreaking in the dance sector. But not only the traditional past impresses, even today is the multi-layered present lived. Specifically sixty evenings annually, belong to the ballet. The camera takes the audience directly on stage provides insights in so far never seen details of the technology. It is also part of the design as at the costume trail and helps to understand how many forces it needs for an idea to become reality.The other venue is Vienna. The environment of the city becomes the backdrop. High above roofs of the first district – passages on one are planned from inside illuminated glass roof – individual scenes are brought to life under the open sky. The art of dance in the ambience of a cultural metropolis.